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XeeCode is a revolutionary concept which enables the exchange of location addresses relentlessly between the digital world and real life. Prior to this, the address of the entitlements was shared through numerous applications but was secluded only to the digital world. It was nearly impossible to share the same through physical media. For example, advertisements on printed media carried long words to depict the address of the business establishments thereby surging the space cost and bewildering the reader with the length and puzzled address including street name and door number.

XeeCode is a niche way of sharing up to 40 addresses related to one business unit through both digital and physical media. The readers use the designated app to scan the digital ID and the complete address of multiple business units are presented on the screen. Isn�t it simple? The XeeCode image could even be as small as your thumbnail in size. Is this limited only to Business advertising? Absolutely, No. The general public could use this to share the location of anything over any communication technology.

How to use XeeCode App?

A XeeCode�s life cycle can be put together in three simple steps:

1.Create the Code
2.Share it
3.Scan to read it


Three types of XeeCode could be generated:

Single XeeCode: This could be leveraged to tag your unique business location. For example the location of the single grocery store in downtown or the hangout bar around the corner where friends could meet up etc. can be tagged to this. These security enabled codes could be encoded and decoded by the app in lightning speed.

Multiple XeeCode: Use this if many entitlements under the same banner need to tagged together to single code. For example, the regional manager for McDonalds can use a single code to tag all the franchises in the same region, thereby boosting his advertising capabilities. The performance of security embodiment is as fast as the Single XeeCode.

Query XeeCode: The results for the location query from map interface can be tagged using this XeeCode. For eg. Create a XeeCode for a query like �Dominos near me� or "Parking near me" or "BestBuy in NewYork" and so on. The XeeCode scanner delivers the results dynamically to include the latest additions around you. This could even be reused from place to place.


The XeeCode can be shared through any means of communication like E-mail, AirDrop, WhatsApp, Google drive or even through physical media like printouts.


XeeCode can be scanned in three ways.

Camera: The XeeCode in physical media � printouts, hoarding, banner etc. can be scanned using the camera linked through the app and decode the address and is automatically redirected to the location address on the map.

Gallery: The code saved in the gallery as a image can be uploaded to the app and decoded to generate the tagged address (es). The locations that were generated as a part of the decoding process is plotted on the map for easy navigation.

3rdParty App: The XeeCode shared through other applications like WhatsApp, E-mail, AirDrop etc. can be easily read by the application and converted to location addresses on the map.


In a world of connected businesses and people, XeeCode fills the white space created by the digital world and real life. The intricate address traversal is made easy through the innovative location tagger of XeeCode app by extending the scope. Do not hesitate, download and start using it. Let�s connect!

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