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We provide Aeronautical Calculator online (apkid: malta.aerocalc) in order to run this application in our online Android emulator.


Calculate non standard atmospheric characteristics (according to the 1976 International Standard Atmosphere model), convert various altitude and airspeed types with regard to sea level atmospheric conditions.
Correct up to geometric altitude of 84 kilometers.

1) Enter mean sea level characteristics (temperature, pressure).
2) Enter chosen altitude (geometric or geopotential) or gravity, press 'done' and view atmospheric properties at
chosen altitude \\ gravity.
3) Enter chosen airspeed (true or calibrated or equivalent; up to the local value of the speed of sound) or dynamic
pressure or mach number (up to mach one), press 'done' and view airspeed type converted at current altitude and
mean sea level characteristics.

1) Long click each variable label to get information regarding that variable.
2) Use right side spinners to change input / output unit types.

1) Airspeed conversion is performed under assumption that air is compressible, isentropic (subsonic; mach
number < 1.0) and dry with a constant specific heat ratio.
2) If at current atmospheric conditions, input airspeed results in mach number greater then 1 - calculation is
performed according to mach number 1.
3) Density is calculated using a perfect gas relationship.
4) Geopotential altitude input is defined according to standard day (ISA).
5) The mean molecular weight is not corrected for geometric altitude above 80km.

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