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The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat developed as a short-haired version of the Persian. The Exotic cat is similar to the Persian in many ways, including temperament and conformation, a flat nose, and face except the short, dense coat.

In the late 1950s, the Persian was used as an outcross by some American Shorthair breeders. This was done in secret in order to improve their body type, and crosses were also made with the Russian Blue and the Burmese. The crossbreed look gained recognition in the show ring, but unhappy American Shorthair breeders successfully produced a new breed standard that would disqualify American Shorthairs that showed signs of crossbreeding. One American Shorthair breeder who saw the potential of the Persian/American Shorthair cross proposed and eventually got the Cat Fanciers' Association judge and American Shorthair breeder Jane Martinke to recognize them as a new breed in 1966, under the name Exotic Shorthair. In 1987, the Cat Fanciers' Association closed the Exotic to shorthair outcrosses, leaving Persian as the only allowable outcross breed.

Because of the regular use of Persian as outcrosses, some Exotics may carry a copy of the recessive longhair gene. When two such cats mate, there is a 1 in 4 chance of each offspring being longhaired. Although The International Cat Association accepts them as Persians, longhaired Exotics are not considered Persians by the Cat Fanciers' Association. Other associations like the American Cat Fanciers Association register them as a separate Exotic Longhair breed.

Exotic Shorthairs have a gentle and calm personality reminiscent of the Persian but are generally livelier than their longhaired ancestors. Curious and playful, they are friendly to other cats and dogs, but they don't like being left alone and need the presence of their owner. They tend to show more affection and loyalty than most breeds and make excellent lap cats. Their calm, steady nature makes them ideal apartment cats for city dwellers. Nonetheless, Exotics retain some of the energetic sparks of the American Shorthair, and they are often capable mouse hunters.

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