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We provide Firearms Sounds online (apkid: com.kewsoft.gunsounds) in order to run this application in our online Android emulator.


Get to know the weapons and their sounds by downloading our Real Gun Sounds app.
It is a collection of different types of guns and realistic simulation application of gun shooting sounds.
This app contains realistic and original sounds for gun enthusiasts.
We have brought together old and modern new weapons to give you a perfect experience.
It is the best gun sounds collection with great, wide and real weapons.
If you love guns, this guns sound app will be an ideal choice for you.
If you want to hear the sound of real guns, you will find what you want in this app.
Choose the type of weapon you want from the categories and tap the weapon you love!
Creates a real feeling of using weapons thanks to the ammo shooting animation.
It has unique graphics and recorded gun sounds from real guns.
Basic categories such as pistols, rifles, sniper weapons, assault guns, automatic and machine guns, rocket launchers and bombs.
It offers excellent experience with more than 100 realistic gun sounds.
You are in control, shoot single or shoot repeatedly.
You can download it quickly to hear gunfire or explosion sounds.
Shoot as much as you want with virtual weapons with unlimited bullets!
Just tap the gun and listen to the impressive gunfire sounds.
This application can also be used to joke. (sound like you're shooting.)

The weapon categories and types of weapons available in this application:
Assault Rifles: acr, ak-47, ak-74, ak-102, hk-g3a3, imi-galil, k-2, m-16,
m-21, scarl, ss-2, stg-44, akm, famas, fp-45, mag-10, fmg-9, mp-5, mp-7, mp-7a1,
mp-40, sterling, steyr-tmp, uzi .
Otomatic Guns: aa-12, ar-15, f-200, g-36c, mp-5k, mg-42, p-90, ppsh-41, tar-21, ump-45, m-24g .
Bombs and Rockets: m-14, f-1, m-15, grenade, rgd-42, rgd-5, rog-97, m-84, c4 .
Machine Guns: barrett, browning-m2hb, fn-m249-minimi, m32, m60, m134_dt, m-1919, microgalil, minigun, m-392, thompson
Other Guns: at-4, bazooka, m-20, rpg, rpg-7, laser-gun, z-180, knife .
Pistols: baretta-82a1c, beretta-m9, colt, colt-delta-elite, cze-cz75, dd-bren-ten, deagle, desert, fn-browning-high-power,
fn-five-seven-n-usg, glock-g18c, glock-g19, glock-g26, glock-j, jericho-941, m-93-r, m-1910, m-1911, mauser-c96, mk- 23, mp-9,
p-99, ppk, remington derringer, ruger-sr9, sig-p228, tlumik-j, usp .
Revolvers: colt python, new nambu-60, ragingbull, rsr, s & w-m10, s & w-m29, s & w-m36, s & w-m500 .
Rifles: benelli, bm4, m1-j, m-3, m-14, m-870, m-1300, mauser-98k, mm-500, space-12, w-1200, shotgun2-j .
Snipers: ai-l96a1, awp, barrett-50cal, barrett-m82-a1, cheytac-m200, fall, dragunov, fn-f2000, g3-sg1, gewher-43,
hk-416, l-85a-1, howa type-89, intervention, m4-a1, r-700, remington-m24, scout, sg550, sg552, svd, vintorez, wa-2000, xm-8 .

Free Download, use and enjoy.

Main features of this application:
Instant responsive firing speed effect
Full interaction and easy control
Reloaded ready-made weapons and unlimited ammo
Detailed full HD realistic and perfect design
Stunning animations of shooting bullets
Share and rate the application on social networks
Great, high quality and realistic original sounds
HD gun graphics
Easy to use interface design
Easy volume change
All free features can be used.
Offers 30 different language support.
There are single shot and burst mode.
The application is completely free and all weapons are unlocked.
Customizable background options are available.
Some weapons also contain damage sounds.
Works on all screen resolutions. (On Android Phones and Tablets)
It is an application that can work offline.

Note: We do not recommend buying or using weapons.
Satisfy your curiosity about guns with this virtual app.
No to real guns and war!

Don't hesitate, download it now.
Discover this great gun sounds app, share your opinions and suggestions with us.
Your feedback and suggestions are very helpful in developing new applications.
Touch and Enjoy!

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