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Ever wonder who gave you what gifts, and when?
Solved! This app helps you remember!

The Present Memories app helps you enjoy your pleasant memories of what gifts you have received!

It's simple: When you have been given a gift, use this app to:
* note who it was from,
* note who it was for,
* note what the occasion was,
* note the date,
* hold a couple of photos of the gift.

Happy memories saved!
You now have a happy record of pleasant memories of what gifts your friends and family and colleagues have given you and your loved ones.

You can use the app for remembering who gave you:
* Christmas gifts,
* Birthday gifts,
* Anniversary gifts,
* Valentine's Day gifts,
* Wedding gifts,
* Engagement gifts,
* Graduation gifts,
* New Year gifts,
* and so on, any gifts at all.

This app can be thought of as being like a specialized photo-journal, or photo-diary, of what gifts you have been given.

It's easy to browse through the memories of what gifts you have been given and remember again the pleasant thoughts of gifts received.

On the home screen, use the search box to search the list of gifts by:
* the name of the person who gave the gift;
* the gift description;
* the name of who the gift was for;
* the occasion, for example Christmas, or Birthday, or Anniversary, or Valentine's Day, or whatever occasion you want.

On the home screen, you can sort the gifts by tapping the column headings:
* the date when the gift was given;
* the description of the gift;
* the name of the person who gave the gift;
* the name of the person the gift was for.

On the home screen you can long-click on any row to:
* delete a gift;
* edit details about a gift.

On the gift details screen, you can choose whether it is:
* a Christmas gift
* a Birthday gift
* an Anniversary gift
* a Valentine's Day git
* some other kind of gift.

On the gift details screen, you can record:
* who it was from the person does not have to be anyone in your Contacts list
* who it was for the person does not have to be anyone in your Contacts list
* the date of when the gift was given
* two photos of the gift.

Export to Email:
* Export your gift memories to email.
* You can email you happy gift memories to anyone you choose, from within the app.
* You can email the person who gave you the gift, as a thank-you note, from within the app.

Save to PDF printable document:
* Generate a PDF printable document of your gift memories.
* View the PDF on your device.
* Print the document.

Move to SD Card:
* You can locate the app and its data on your SD card.

Enjoy the pleasant memories of who's given you gifts!
Whether from colleagues, friends, family and team-mates, you can easily find out "What did this person give us last year?"

You can also add past gifts into the app, so if you can remember what someone gave you last Christmas, or the Christmas before, you can add it into the app so that you have a delightful history of what you have been given.

It's a simple idea: After someone gives you a gift, you add a new record into Present Memories, take a couple of photos of it, write a brief description of it, record who gave it to you, and who it was for.


You can record your first 20 records for free.

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