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In this application South American Cuisine with Latin Flavor you will know that South Americans love food. From delicate consomms to hearty stews and making up breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert, food has played an important role in everyday life since pre-Columbian times. Most of the food is simply seasoned, drawing inspiration from the foods of indigenous populations and evolving over time as Europeans, Asians and Africans contributed flavors and ingredients.

You also find in the application Sudamericana con Sabor Latino that foods such as corn or dried beans, quinoa, amaranth, potatoes or squash have links with pre-Columbian times. An ancient food called sanco comes from the highlands of the Andes, where wild vegetables are often added to soup pots. Thick like polenta, they were mostly prepared without meat before the arrival of the Spanish. Another thick soup from pre-Columbian times, which can only be found in Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador, uses corn or barley and is sweetened with fruit.
Defining what American cuisine is like in general terms is not an easy task, since from North America to South America great changes can be observed in the culinary tradition of each region. While to the north the Mexican gastronomy stands out, in South and Central America the consumption of indigenous products and the Spanish influence after the conquest of America, African and ancestral American is common.
In this application --- we present several recipes of South American food such as:
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