superhero city savior fighting hero battle arena

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Relive your childhood from controller games to mobile app heroes games and experience a whole new era of immortal superhero game play modification yet still having the same thrill and this time with superhero ring fighters. The game is sure enough to satisfy you combat kungfu battle arena loving heart!!!

This battle arena superhero fighting game as fun to play and as easy to play as it can get!! Simply download the superhero battle arena game on your phone and press start. Then choose the immortal superhero fighter you want to battle kungfu combat controller with an enemy simulator fighter. Just like any other controller game enjoy the realness of this hero battle arena game!!

Upon starting the hero battle arena game you will encounter many enemy villain hero simulator fighters, use your fighter city saviour guardian hero fighting skills to play the game and fight the battle arena enemy to win against them in fighting and saving the city and citizens so they can praise you as they ultimate city savior guardian hero in superhero games!!!
There are multiple of fighting controls on the screen so you can defeat your villain enemy fighter in the battle arena superhero fighting games and conquer the battle arena gaming world with one punch!!! The controls allow you to attack, such as jump, punch, defend from enemy and kick the enemy fighter simulator!!

Defeat the enemy target in the time given for the level of the fighting game in the city savior guardian hero environment which is a continuous street environment fighting simulation with superhero characters coming to save the day by becoming the favourite superhero city savior guardian hero!!!

Each level the enemy villain count will increase so be watchful of your health and the time bar!! Defeat the enemy fighter simulator with your special attacks in the given time so you can prove your abilities in the next levels when the enemy fighter skill keeps increasing!! If you have more health and a lot of time left while the enemies have increased it means you�re doing well!!

How to play superhero fighting game:
�Select the superhero player
�Select the battle arena simulator level
�Fight enemy with on screen controller
�Complete fight in the given time
�Succeed to the next level and fight against more enemies to finish game!!

Features of the immortal superhero fighting game:
�Multiple levels
�Multiple superhero charachters
�Consistent street environment
�Slide change on new level
�Multiple controls
�Fighting simulation
�Time based game
�Level unlocking
�Enemy count increase
�Fun graphics and game play

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