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We provide SMS Expansion 33 online (apkid: sms.expansion.33) in order to run this application in our online Android emulator.


https: //

With this App (and each of the 34 other Expansion Apps), you can really scale up your campaigns! Each SMS Expansion App enables the engageSPARK SMS Relay Gateway App to send 60 to 100 extra SMS per hour (depending on your phone’s Android version).

Our Relay Gateway App gives you a local phone number in your country (available in all 200+ countries in the world), so that your beneficiaries and customers can interact via SMS and Missed Call with the campaigns you build at https: //

engageSPARK is the EASIEST tool for non-techies to build interactive Voice IVR and SMS Text campaigns.

Let's say you want to set up an SMS Auto Reply campaign, allowing your users to send in an SMS Text with a keyword (like the name of a city) to retrieve useful information (like voting locations for their city). They need to send those keywords to a local phone number. From your engageSPARK account, you can buy virtual local phone numbers that can receive SMS in 40+ countries. But what about the other 160+ countries?

The engageSPARK SMS Relay Gateway App is the solution. It turns the SIM card in your Android phone into a local phone number for your campaigns - and it works in all 200+ countries in the world.

Once you set up the engageSPARK SMS Relay Gateway App (which takes seconds), you don't need to worry about it anymore. You’ll do everything on the engageSPARK website from your web browser.

Here's how it works:
1. Install the SMS Relay Gateway App on your Android phone and link it to your account.
2. Create and Launch an engagement, like an SMS Poll, as you normally would from the engageSPARK website in your web browser.
3. Our system will tell the Relay Gateway App on your phone to send out the questions.
4. The App will send out the questions via SMS using the SIM Card in your phone (just as if you typed out and sent an SMS; the App just automates it).
5. When your contacts reply to the question, your Android Phone will receive the SMS and notify our system.
6. Our system will process the SMS and take the appropriate next step, like telling the App to send out the next question in the poll.

In sum, the engageSPARK SMS Relay Gateway App serves to relay information back and forth between your phone and our system. And if you want to scale up and send many SMS, then also install this SMS Expansion App and the other engageSPARK Expansion Apps available on the Play Store.

Not to worry, your users don't need this App or an Android phone; they can use any mobile phone to receive and reply to the SMS campaigns that you send them. From their perspective, they are just using SMS as they normally would.

You also can link as many Android phones to your engageSPARK account as you want, allowing you to really scale up two-way SMS interactions in countries where you can't get a virtual phone number.

One HUGE bonus: with the engageSPARK SMS Relay Gateway App, you also can receive Missed Calls anywhere in the world. For example, advertise that if people make a Free Missed Call to your local phone number, they'll receive an immediate, automatic callback with a Voice IVR service where they can retrieve important information for free.

When someone makes a call to your Android Phone, the engageSPARK SMS Relay Gateway App quickly disconnects the call so that there is no cost to the caller. The App then tells our system, which immediately calls the person using the engageSPARK Global Telco Network and plays back the Voice IVR service you created (or whatever information you specified).

If you don't have an engageSPARK account, Sign Up for Free now at https: // Our pricing is simple and transparent. You just pay for each SMS message or Voice minute you send or receive. No contracts, no plans, no minimum fees.

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