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What is the ladder leading to Panic? According to us it all starts from Stress; Stress is the main cause of distress of the majority of us living in this fast paced world. Stress when accumulated manifests itself into Anxiety and Anxiety has its own set of physical and emotions symptoms. We always seek to treat our anxiety symptoms as they are very disturbing for us and people around us; anxiety symptoms can be;

�Increased Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
�Irrational decision making
�Chest Pains

And that is still stage one; once these anxiety symptoms are not treated they can mature into an Anxiety Disorder where these anxiety symptoms reappear as anxiety disorder and many other forms and also may get triggered based on certain situations.

Panic Attacks are one form of Anxiety disorder and they can be really daunting for anyone who doesn�t really understand the root cause. Panic attack symptoms are very similar to anxiety symptoms and they add up the following to the list;

�Racing heart
�Numbness of hands
�Feeling loss of control

Panic Attack symptoms can appear in anyone and in any situation, the underlying anxiety disorder that stemmed from the chronic stress sometimes manifests itself in a very severe form and the person end up in the Emergency room complaining of illness that is not there; all due to Panic attack.

During a Panic Attack the best and worst advice is the same; �Don�t Panic�; but to take it further a step we have designed this Panic Attack Anxiety Relief: Breathing Exercises app that renders instant relief from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. The technique used is quite simple; Breathing Exercises, we have utilized the power of breath of bring the calmness and focus back into the person suffering from Panic attack or Anxiety.

The step by step instructions take the focus away from the problems and bring them to the carefully designed Breathing Exercises; with a combination of short, medium and long breaths we have designed the perfect breathing exercise for anxiety relief and panic attacks. These breathing exercises follow the same rule of;

Inhale � Hold � Exhale � Hold � Repeat

With an assistive sound and soothing background music these breathing exercises will take the anxiety away control the Panic Attack.

Feedback for these breathing exercises is taken at each activity and next activities are designed based on the user input on the intensity of Anxiety and Panic Attack. We recommend that you keep this Panic Attack Anxiety Relief: Breathing Exercises app with you all the time and in case you feel any anxiety of notice panic attack symptoms approaching just press the button and we will take it from there.

Wellness Labs is focused towards alleviating the lives of everyone around us and Panic Attack Anxiety Relief: Breathing Exercises app is one of our efforts to relax people and take all the anxiety, panic attacks and phobias away from them. We look forward to your feedback and improve our app based on your input.

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