new lada vesta and x ray

We provide New Lada: Vesta and X-ray online (apkid: new.lada.vesta.and.x.ray) in order to run this application in our online Android emulator.


VAZ, Lada, Russian cars - do you like it? Then quickly get behind the wheel of Lada Vesta and x ray, and tuned Lada Vesta! This is the real pelvis, the combat of Russian classics!

It was always interesting how to behave Lada in these races? Then this is the game for you! At your disposal is an unusual area in which you have to go through the mission!

Your friend's car broke down, you have to find 5 parts for VAZ 2103 to start the engine! Help a friend.

Get behind the steering wheel of the Lada Vesta, Xray (x-ray), Vesta Tuning Lada and drove! Become a real racer on Russian cars, it's cool cars!

Main feature:
- Unique 3D graphics and full detail of Russian cars
- Convenient control
- Realistic physics of cars
- The full reality of Russian speed
- Traffic in the Russian city
- Fuel consumption

Do you want to feel like a real racer? Click on the gas behind the wheel of frets in the game, Russian basins bring down!
Who wants to ride with real feelings!? Go to the Russian auto industry, AVTOVAZ, it's cool!
There's even Priora and grant will not stand. Also as Parking on Russian cars vases.
Drove a voyage.
We have a choice of Russian wheelbarrows, criminal Russia in the order of things in Russian Mafia City.
Gangster race, Russian Classic car Simulator
BPAN. Driving around the city of Russia, free riding around the city, free riding in Russia.
Vesta, gives the choice of race, russian rider. Russian traffic Russia the Crimea, valim side.
It's like a Russian simulator and driving simulator, Super VAZ.
Graphics, the grant gives the way, a beauty!
Dps drive Lada drift and ride on Russian cars click!
Racing on cars, racing on frets, drift max Pro, drift on Lada, drift on x-ray, drift on Russian cars.
Our game, Russian car lada 3d-necessarily front-wheel drive, understated basins, refueling, Russian traffic, and cool cars Lada!
The best control of the car frets model natural VAZ. Understated cars that drive on city traffic, will give you a head start!
Be a patriot drove to drive a new sense of drive will make you smile.
Sit down for direct real Russian wheel carrier on the Russian car, and drive Russian cars.
Here is the coolest seven and six of the automotive industry
Battle on the wheelbarrows will satisfy you, because it is a realistic simulator VAZ Lada simulator.
Super VAZ controlled arrows, Russian drift. This Russian driver-the BEST RACE. And with it, driving simulator Lada.
This is a Russian simulator, driving simulator, russian rider
We all know that the basins bring down-the basins rule! Therefore, we have cars, tracks, tuning VAZ, car six 3d. The present traffic of the city.
Lada muscle car russian, slipstream, a real, combat classic, not sure about it? Real tazy Russian cars online-convince you!
This, Russian traffic, (SAMP), repair of the eye of Russian cars, Russian driver.
VAZ games, bpan games, go! Download Russian cars.
Soon add, Drag Racing, battle on Russian cars!
In General, drove to ride, Russian drove, manage this VAZ and go ahead! Voyage: Russian carrier, carrier on the Russian car.
Russian cars, VAZ simulator. Russian drift, he's waiting for you!

Go! Click on the gas behind the wheel of Lada In the game New Lada Vesta and claim ray-AVTOVAZ Russian cars Vesta, X-ray. Tuning VAZ, Lada is the best simulator SAMP!

< Updates: New map
New design
Reduce the weight
Optimized the game

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