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Net Ping measures the time for ICMP Echo data packets to be acknowledged from a network host computer by host name or IP address.

Works well with IPv4. IPv6 pinging will not work on most Android devices due to underlying limitations beyond the control of this app. For technical details, see our developer website.

You can adjust packet count, ttl, interval, and packet size parameters for the ping. You can also turn on the continuous ping mode, which keeps pinging until you manually stop it.

Net Ping pauses whenever it is no longer the active app--going to the home screen or switching to another app will stop Net Ping from sending more ping request packets. When you return to Net Ping, it will resume automatically.

Summary ping information is displayed:

* The IP address of the host name as reported by DNS.
* The round-trip response time for the ping packets.
* Indication if any packets are lost.
* Indication as to why packets were lost.

Available statistics:

* Minimum response time.
* Maximum response time.
* Average response time.
* Standard Deviation of responses.

To get the statistics output, turn it on in settings.

Hostname history:

If you have pinged more than one host, the most recent hosts will appear in a list when you touch or click the host entry field at the top of the screen.

You can dismiss the history list by tapping one of the entries or by pressing the hardware back button.

You can clear individual entries using a long press on a history item. Go to the settings to clear the entire list at once.

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