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�MITO-no-KOTO�, an app that navigates you around town as it introduces the sights of Mito
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The town of Mito has a wealth of hidden treasures relating to �people�, �historical landmarks�, �shops� and other sights waiting to be explored. Use this app to uncover spots that you would �like to take a look at� and have it smoothly plot out a route there.
The app is also linked to a website giving tantalizing introductions to the people �living and loving life in Mito�.
Rather than just provide spot-by-spot introductions of the sites around town, the �Mito Town� navigation app can be used in a wide variety of ways, from using it in your everyday life, to using it when on the road sightseeing.

[Introduction to the functions that can help you enjoy your time in Mito]
1. �Out and About Information�, enabling users to search for their destination and display information about the spot
?Around Mito???Use this to search for shops and other points of interest
?Attractions???Use this to search for tourist attractions
?Events???Use this to search for events being held, or about to be held

2. �Bus Information�, guiding users to their destination
?Search Route???Links with the Around Mito function to display �bus�, �car�, or �on foot� route information guiding the user to their destination
?Emergency Information???The location of the nearest evacuation site can be displayed on the map in the event of an emergency. The location of the evacuation site and the direction there from the user�s current location will appear even when you cannot connect to the network.

3. �People of Mito�, introducing people �living and loving life in Mito�
Articles published to the �People of Mito� website can be viewed in the app
Check this website out from the app to have it link to �Bus Information� to give instructions on how to get to the place being recommended

?With the exception of part of the �Emergency Information� function, this app cannot be used when you cannot connect to the Internet. Make sure you are connected to the Internet to use all of the functions available.
?Turn your smartphone�s GPS functionality ON to display your current location on the map. However, be aware that extended use of the GPS function may drain the smartphone�s battery at a quicker rate than normal.
?Using or looking at a car route on the �Bus Information� screen while driving is extremely dangerous. Avoid doing so at all costs.
?Operation tests have been performed under a unique set of conditions and do not guarantee that this app will work on all devices.

?On foot routes shown in �Bus Information� may include paths where there is no walkway.

?Some app functions may become unavailable due to maintenance or restrictions on use. If this occurs, please wait a short while before attempting to use the function again.

?Information displayed in this app is not guaranteed to be reliable.

?The app service provider bears no responsibility for damages caused through the use of this app.

?This app includes products distributed with the Apache 2.0 license.

?The Recommended System Requirements is Android 4.3 or higher

< Updates:
?This function is only Japanese version.

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