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Appendix A Training Safety Sheet

The following safeties are to be used for all belt levels.

I. Begin slowly and increase speed with proficiency.

II. Never execute techniques at full force or full speed.

III. When executing punches, ensure the joints are kept slightly bent to avoid hyperextension.

IV. Students will train under the supervision of a martial art instructor or on MAIT in accordance with all safety and logistical requirements and in the following stages:

In the air (e.g., shadow boxing/imaginary targets).
Note: Punches or strikes are not applied to the pads.

On the striking pads or training tools.
On the body during free sparring.
V. Prevent injuries during training; train break-falls in stages from the lowest position to the highest position.

VI. Techniques will be performed on a soft-footed area.

VII. Begin by executing bayonet techniques in the air. Ensure bayonets are sheathed. Ensure contact is not made with an aggressor when doing the target acquisition phase of air drills.

VIII. Before training with any firearms, unload and show clear will be conducted.

IX. When handling weapons, the following four safety rules apply:

Treat every weapon as if were loaded.
Never point your weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot.
Keep your finger straight and off of the trigger until you intend to fire.
Keep your weapon on SAFE until you are ready to fire.

X. Techniques are applied with slow, steady pressure to the point where the aggressor is uncomfortable; the aggressor must then tap out. Marines must immediately release pres- sure or stop the technique. The aggressor will tap out by tapping on the deck three times, on himself three times, on the Marine three times, or by verbally saying � tap-tap-tap.�

XI. Never hold a choke for more than 5 seconds in training. The aggressor should never become light-headed during a choke.

XII. Do not apply pressure to the aggressor�s trachea during training.

XIII. Students being thrown should execute proper break-falls.

XIV. Conduct all practical application periods utilizing approved training gear.

XV. Ensure that calf-on-calf contact is being made.


LINE - linear infighting neural-override engagement

MAIT - martial arts instructor trainer

MCMAP - Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

MCRP - Marine Corps reference publication

MOS - occupational specialty

PME - professional military education

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