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Use these tips to save yourself and your family from the storm.

Warning: Due to extreme weather conditions you may experience network outages and lose your access to the internet and other means of communication, including landlines. Make sure to download an Offline hurricane Irma tracking app to have a general idea of when the situation stabilizes. The app will update itself with current data during any windows of opportunity.

Enormous Hurricane Irma which took lives of people already moved now to Florida. It�s now considered to be the second strongest hurricane that ever happened. The weather is getting worse and Storm tracker proves that. Currently Radar Weather map is showing that it�s becoming even stronger on its way to Florida. Storm radar alerts the citizens to leave their houses in order to save lives since the hurricane Irma activity is becoming more and more strong. People are all busy checking weather forecast and weather map online trying to realise its danger. National Hurricane center is alerting to take the most valuable things and leave the hurricane Irma area immediately. Most of people already did so, they took their families, pets and left their homes not knowing if this terrible hurricane Irma will give them a chance to see those places again. Current weather forecast shows that it�s coming to Florida very fast, so every second count. Tracker app is a hurricane tracking application helps to watch this massive storm Irma in real time.

Follow Hurricane Irma Safety Tips�below:

When the storm starts:
Check the roof of your house, hurricane shutters, latches, hooks and repair if required.
Have some plastic bags and pieces of plastics. It will prevent important documents, equipment and furniture from getting wet.

Insure yourself that emergency cooking facilities (coal stoves) are in fixed condition.
Latch down securely all small buildings in the yard.
Store extra food, switch electricity off.
Use waterproof container to store the food.
Buy emergency equipment for your home: raincoats, flashlights, batteries, portable radio, kerosene lamps and matches.�Have simple first-aid equipment such as iodine, bandages, eye lotion, etc. at home.�?

During the storm��

Do not go outside without extreme need even though you checked weather forecast and sure that storm location is far from your house.
Don�t take children outside.
Keep a lamp burning.
You should understand that something can be falling from the ceiling.
Be calm! You should be able to act logically and not be in panic.
Use Storm tracker app to see what is going on outside. ?

After the storm�

Do not touch loose or dangling electrical wires.
Don�t use water that has been stored. Wait for special services to bring god water to your house.
Drinking water should be boiled.
Be careful of falling trees, they may keep falling even after weather becomes more quiet.

Other tips are available in our application.

Download it free and be safe!

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