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Ingredients Needed

Main Ingredients: Aroma Beads, Fragrance Oil, Glass Jar (with lid)
Optional Ingredients: Liquid candle dye, Essential oil

Step 1: Measure the required amount of unscented, clear aroma beads into an empty glass jar.
Step 2: Add the fragrance oil to the aroma beads in the ratio of 1: 4 (one part of fragrance oil for four parts of unscented aroma beads).
Step 3: Stir the mixture with a stick till the fragrance oil is evenly spread.
Step 4: Cover the glass tightly with a lid and shake vigorously such that the aroma beads are completely covered with the fragrance oil.
Step 5: Keep shaking the glass jar every 4 to 5 hours for a minimum of 24 hours (curing time) or till the oil is fully absorbed.
Curing time depends on the type of fragrance oil used. Some oils take only a day while some can even take weeks. While making scented aroma beads, there are certain things that need to be taken care of to make the procedure easier and more effective.

Tips for Making Aroma Beads
Do not use all the aroma beads at once. In case fragrance oil is used in excess, more aroma beads will have to be added to the mixture.
For additional health benefits and those with allergy, use essential oil instead of fragrance oil.
To make colored aroma beads, mix 1-2 drops of liquid candle dye with the fragrance oil before adding it to the aroma beads.
If you plan to keep the aroma beads in the open, bake them in a cookie cutter at 200�F for 45 minutes (preheat the oven to the same temperature).
Curing time increases in low temperature, so the aroma beads take longer time to cure in winter.
Aroma beads are 'done' when they are dry to touch and there is no residual oil on them.
Before storing them in plastic packages, make sure the plastic is compatible with fragrance oils.
Do not place them near (or on) clothes, wooden furniture or any surface that absorbs oil.
Scented aroma beads are now ready to be used! Store these beads in the glass jar itself or in small packages like organza bags.

Uses of Scented Aroma Beads

Apart from the fact that aroma beads are attractive, they have a variety of uses.
As mentioned earlier, scented beads can be used as air fresheners in rooms or cars.
They can be used in wardrobes, drawers and vacuum cleaners to keep out moths and damp smell.
Differently scented beads can be used to make a unique fragrance.
Gift-wrapped sachet of scented aroma beads can be given as a gift to family, friends or even clients and business partners.
Using aroma beads in letters and greeting cards is a unique way of scenting them.
They can be used in aromatherapy.
Small packets of aroma beads can be carried in handbags and purses and are known to reduce stress levels.
Scented aroma beads made with essential oils, have many health benefits, especially for people with allergies.
Multicolored aroma beads can be placed in potpourri dishes or glass jars for decorative purposes.
The fragrance of aroma beads can last up to two months, though the intensity will decrease with time. However, once the aroma beads have completely lost their scent, the same procedure can be repeated to get back their fragrance. So, go ahead and make beautiful looking aroma beads, scented with your favorite fragrance!

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How To Make Bead Purse

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