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Most interesting of all here is Ana's powerful Ultimate ability called Nano Boost. True to Ana's nature as a Support hero, this special skill actually empowers a teammate of hers and puts the friendly target into a frenzied state. When enraged in this manner they'll take 50% less damage from the enemy team, and inflict their own damage against their chosen targets 50% harder than usual.
If that's all starting to make Ana sound like a rather overpowered addition to the game, note she lacks the hard mobility of other long-range Heroes such as Widowmaker. She has no hard escape options that can be used to get out of a bind either, and although her Sleep Dart can be used to temporarily deal with a close-quarters attacker, it's not easy to land the short in the thick of a firefight. Mastery of every map is key when it comes to playing Ana to a high degree of skill - and staying alive.
In our essential Ana guide, we've got a breakdown of all of her core abilities, and how you should use each one to make the biggest impact in battle. We also have some tips which we think will help you get off to a fast start with the character, and we're also in the process of adding map-specific advice for this hero. You'll also find information about who counters Ana - and who her preferential targets are - further on in this guide as well. Finally, we've got a breakdown of all the customisation options you can unlock for her.
Got any questions about getting more out of Ana? Ask away in the comments section and we'll do our best to help you get to grips with this hero!

Editor's note - Update #5: We've given our Ana hero guide a pretty drastic overhaul, adding new tips along with some map-specific advice. We've also added a Video guide which you should find a very interesting watch, and tidied up the cosmetic section too. There have been a lot of new seasonal items added to the game in recent months, after all, and so you'll now be able to view them all right here.

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