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There is no limit to usefulness of the tiny Evotags, and they can be configured for a different use anytime using this App.

Use Evotag to locate your things: Are you troubled each time you forget to put your keys back on the key stand, and you cannot find them when you are ready to go? With Evotag, never get late in searching your keys again. Just put the Evotag in your key chain and leave them anywhere. To find them, use your Evotag App. With a single Click on the key chain link, you can see how far your keychain is, and also ring your Evotag. Your keychain will start beeping, ready to be found. You can use Evotag for all such items which you want to locate in the house or in your bag.

Use Evotag to ensure safety of your child: As a parent we all are always worried about the whereabouts of our children when we go to the park, mall or even just a play area. The fear of our child moving away from us and getting lost is the biggest fear we go through. Evotag liberates us from this fear. Just use the Evotag as a badge on your child. The Evotag App on your smartphone will quickly send you a phone alert or a notification as soon as your child moves out of a safe distance from you.

Evotags are small enough to be put on pet collars as well.

A child with the beacon can also alert the parent back by pressing the hidden button in Evotag, which will ring the phone.

Use Evotag to secure your home: Worried about security of your home? Or nervous that there could be an unwanted guest entering the house while you are asleep. Use Evotag as the guard in your home that never sleeps. Just stick the Evotag behind the door and use the App to make it your guard. If there is any movement of the door, Evotag will alert you. No wires or expensive equipment needed.

Use Evotag to know when your things come in range: Each time we are waiting near the conveyor belt for our luggage to arrive, it�s a long wait and a constant lookout for the bag. With Evotag, life is simple. Attach the Evotag on your luggage or keep it inside. When your luggage comes near you, you will get an alert. Use your time and attention elsewhere

Use Evotag to control your phone: With Evotag, say goodbye to the bulky Selfie sticks. Just keep your phone at a distance and click a selfie by clicking on the hidden Evotag button.You could also use Evotag to ring the phone

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