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Every noun in the Dutch language has either 'de' or 'het' as its definite article: de slager, het vlees, etc. Unfortunately, there are few rules and many exceptions when to select 'de' or 'het'. So to avoid awkward spelling mistakes and write and speak Dutch like a pro, you have to memorize the definite article of many common Dutch nouns.

This unique app helps you train and increase your knowledge and mastery of this essential aspect of the Dutch language. An essential gadget if you are learning the spelling and grammar of the Dutch language, whether at school, on a course or self study. Helping you to write correctly spelled letters and mails in Dutch as well as avoid distracting mistakes in everyday conversation and presentations in this language.

You are notified of three official spelling rules regarding the Dutch definite article of nouns:
1) Compound words always have the definite article of the 'core' word (at the end): de tafel, het laken, het tafelLAKEN.
2) Diminuitive words always have 'het' as definite article: de tafel, het tafelTJE.
3) Nouns in plural form have always 'de' as definite article: het laken, de lakenS.

Educate yourself with help of the over 18,000 Dutch nouns in the database, which are checked against the latest official spelling and grammar rules by a native speaker from the Netherlands. Due to its large database, covering all common Dutch nouns you will encounter in everyday or business conversations, this app does not need an internet connection to function.

You can select a quiz of between 25 of 100 words in five difficulty levels, indicated by stars. With 1 star you encounter all nouns from the essential Dutch vocabulary. More stars mean a higher proportion of longer, rare or historic words.

You can also quickly look up the correct article for a noun or search and browse through the list of all 18,000 Dutch words. All situations in which a noun can get both 'de' or 'het' as definite article, typically through different meaning or context, are clearly marked.

If you miss any nouns, have an idea for this app or you encounter any diffculty, feel free to mail us: [email protected].
You mail will always be answered. This is a faster way of improving this app than reviews.

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