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Dual Cars Lite is a free game, very attractive, and a fun game too.

- After robbing a bank, thieves run away on the road by Dual cars and bring out an amazing high-speed hide and seek. You will characterize as thieves and drive Dual cars avoid the square block and must catch the circle to refuel.

- You have to use 2 fingers to control/charge Dual cars to turn left, turn right, catch circle, avoid square box, and when speed up, it's so difficult to control. Could your brain drive two fingers exactly (then drive two cars in charge) at the same time? Could you have enough calm to concentrate on the race?

- Harder but more attractive, this challenge will help you much more than you can imagine! I also have much work to do, but I can not concentrate on, so I play this game in 10 minutes and back to work. Surprised, I could work more effective!

- This game can be put parallel to unlimited running games but fast speed racing style, the game have adventure, thrill and racing genre and ultimate gameplay. so all that you need to do is run and drive furious.

- Could your brain drive two cars at the same time? Check your concentration power on the race? Harder but more attractive, this challenge will help you much more than you can imagine! If you have much work to do, but you can not concentrate on? Can't you able to concentrate on your studies?

- Ride dual Cars at the same time. It becomes more challenging when gaming inverses & blinks. 2 The car is a mind challenging game. If you set your eyes on the center line of game you could play better.

- It's not complex as Asphalt games on racing, It's very simple, hard to play but very cool and useful for the workaholic person. Don't be angry with difficulty, if you got 40 points, you're very excellent, master of driver - champion of Dual Cars in charge

- The game is about controlling the Two cars which racing at the same time and have the task of collecting both the Blue Dots and Red dots and at the same time avoid the square blocks. Dual Cars is one of the best car games in store.

- You will find blue car Two cars 2 racing very addictive game, and funny, when start playing it, it gives you a challenge feeling, as well as, this game will let you test reaction speed playing the blue car, and help you to raise the speed of attention in your brain.

- Because playing with the blue car you will find yourself in front of Dual cars Dual players, and 4 roads, in every road in Two cars racing you will face a lot of obstacles, so take it as a challenge to exceed all the obstacles, and we guarantee that you will help blue car and yourself to be faster in reacting to things in your life in general.

- Do you really think that your fingers can drive 2 two cars 2 at the same time with the blue car Two cars 2 racing game? you have to be calm enough to concentrate on driving the blue car, this challenge will make you much more effective at work as well !!

- If you don't want to control amazing car of the thief, with fantasy - you can also imagine as a kid that you are the hero to run after, trying to catch them. A kid hero with two cars, gun, candy in the pocket, music player headphone on the ear, drive two crazy colorful cars on the road so as to avoid the clash of the gunfight! - You could write a saga novel with that story!

Game rule :

1.Eat up all the red circles.
2.Click another lane. The car will change direction. Avoid circles that are not red.

<>Game feature :

1.Drive two cars at the same time. It is easy to play and full of fun and excitement.
2.The feel is awesome and it is a great fun to drive.
3.Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!!
4.Simple touch control.
5.Share your best scores on social networks.
6.Collect points, earn the highest scores in the.

Thank You.

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