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Set Up:
Game start with 2 to 7 players
Each player has 7 cards and they are deal face down.
The card desk is rest of card in a Draw Pile face down. Next to the pile a space should be designated for a Discard Pile. The top card should be placed in the Discard Pile, and the game begins!

Game Play:
The first player is normally the player to the left of the dealer (you can also choose the youngest player) and gameplay usually follows a clockwise direction. Every player views his/her cards and tries to match the card in the Discard Pile.

You have to match either by the number, color, or the symbol/Action. For example, if the Discard Pile has a red card that is an 8 you have to place either a red card or a card with an 8 on it. You can also play a Wild card.

If the player has no matches or they choose not to play any of their cards even though they might have a match, they must draw a card from the Draw pile. If that card can be played, play it. Otherwise, the game moves on to the next person in turn. You can also play a Wild card, or a Wild Draw Four card on your turn.

If the first card turned up from the Draw Pile (to form the Discard Pile) is an Action card, the Action from that card applies and must be carried out by the first player to go (as stated, it is usually the player to the dealer�s left). The exceptions are if a Wild or Wild Draw Four card is turned up.

If it is a Wild card, Mattel has now stated that the first player to start (usually the one on the dealer�s left), can choose whatever color to begin play. If the first card is a Wild Draw Four card � Return it to the Draw Pile, shuffle the deck, and turn over a new card. At any time, if the Draw Pile becomes depleted and no one has yet won the round, take the Discard Pile, shuffle it, and turn it over to regenerate a new Draw Pile.

There are two different ways to play regarding drawing new cards. The Official Uno Rules states that after a card is drawn the player can discard it if it is a match, or if not, play passes on to the next player. The other type is where players continue to draw cards until they have a match, even if it is 10 times.
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